GearVR Black Screen on Launch

I’m having problems getting a sample project (the simple vehicle demo) to work on my GearVR.

I went through the demo on twitch (Up & Running with Gear VR | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube), and followed the steps. (C++, GearVR plugin + mode enabled, android version 19, etc.)

The APK is built successfully, and I unzipped it to find the oculus sig file in the correct place. After installing using the script (that I had to modify to link to adb correctly on OSX), I’m just getting a black screen after opening the app and inserting it into my GearVR. I’m pretty stumped with regards to troubleshooting.

I’m running 4.7.5 UE binary and OSX.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, if you disable the gear VR plugin does it work correctly on the device? If so, try disabling the checkbox for modifying the manifest. You should see the stereoscopic rendering, but you may also see if there are alerts or error messages. Also, you could try to connect via wifi and check the dab logcat output…

ok, great. It also happened to me many times, too, indeed.
By the way, what is the best way to iterate over wifi when developing? deploying all the contents all the times takes forever, do you know if there is any way to launch the apps over wifi by just updating the resource that have really changed since the last run?

Thanks for the help. Made a lot of progress and learnt about the manifest and WiFi Debugging!

Turns out the problem was my own impatience – I just had to wait a little longer for the game to load. I had assumed it was the ‘no signature’ issue I was experiencing earlier so quit too early thinking it wasn’t working.

Anyway, now I’m experiencing this issue instead:

Guess it could be an incompatibility with Exynos - but other games are working fine, so I assume this can be fixed somehow.

Turns out I was quitting the app too early.

The initial behaviour is the same as when you’re not using the oculus sig correctly, so I assumed that was the error.

Just wait at least a full 15 seconds to make sure the app just isn’t booting.

Perhaps there should be a loading screen by default in these sample projects?

Yeah, WiFi takes forever for pushing the files.

I’m just switching between USB for deploying and WiFi for debugging.