GearVR and Daydream packaging from same project

I have successfully packaged a project for both Daydream and GearVR, however, in order to do so I need to switch a bunch of settings depending on the platform being deployed to.

For example, to go from Daydream to GearVR, the following must be done:

  • Change ndk from latest to android-21

  • Change target and minimum SDK versions from 24 to 21

  • Untick:

    • fullscreen immersive
    • deployment to Google VR
    • Sustained performance mode
  • GoogleVR deployment mode: daydream

  • Switch archs:

    • from arm64 to armv7
  • Disable Google VR plugin and restart.

I was wondering if there is a better way to do this (build automation maybe?), or alternatively are there plans to improve the build system to allow easy deployment to both mobile VR platforms.


+1 - I’d also like to know this