[Gear VR] Distribution APK fails Oculus validation

Nothing changed in my project relating to building/deployment except I updated from 4.16.1 to 4.16.2. After running Oculus util to prep and upload APK to Oculus Store, the operation failed as APK could not pass validation:

validating package contents (4 / 5)
14% [░░░░░░░░░░░░ ]

ERROR: We found issues with the APK during validation. Please check that the APK meets the Application Manifest Requirements and then resubmit your app.

  • Oculus SDK version is not 1.0 or newer.
  • VR application mode (com.samsung.android.vr.application.mode) must be vr_only.
  • APK main activity intent filter set to android.intent.category.LAUNCHER, but must be android.intent.category.INFO. Your app must only appear in Oculus Home. It must not appear in the phone’s launcher.


How could that happen?! Everything worked fine with 4.16.1

Thanks beforehand

Never mind. I think I improperly commented out block in GearVR_APL.xml containing the following:


Although I am surprised that SVCLib is not in UE4, but this line is still present in 4.16.2 o.O