Gear VR Black screen on some Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8

Me and my team are currently working on a game for the Gear VR that is soon to be released and we are in close contact with Oculus. However the team at Oculus can’t play our game on their Samsung phones (Both S7 and S8), the game starts and they can hear sound but the screen is completely black. Since it works on our S8 and S7 we are thinking this is an issue with chipsets and are wondering if this is a known issue? We are using Unreal Engine 4.16 and we have European versions of the Samsung galaxies (Exynos chipset). It is really hard to debug the issue since we have to upload it to our alpha channel and wait for response from oculus anytime we want to try a fix. So if anyone knows of a solution to this problem we would be very thankful!

Have you set your projecting setting as official adviced. I also develop gear vr games ,my Samsung Galaxy s7 works fine, I suggest you see the log in your phone which is located in ue4game->yourprojectgame->logs if I don’t mismember.I once meet what you experience.I unchecket arm64 and lastly it works fine.Hope this can help you !

Thank you for your answer! Yes I have followed the ue4 gear vr setup guide and the project settings should be as adviced. I have also unchecked arm64 and checked arm7. Unfortunately we don’t have access to a snapdragon phone (US, China, Japan) where the black screen issue appears. So checking the logs is something we can’t do.

This issue was resolved after we upgraded to 4.17