GDC Tools Demonstration - Any chance the project files will be released?

Is there any plans to release the project files for the GDC Tools Demonstration video that Zak did?

If not, is there any plans to release some sample content that contains the examples shown in the video? I know there’s already the minigames and the fire and water texturing stuff, and that the butterfly and block-info are planned in the up-coming “Blueprint Office”, but I’m mainly talking about the other stuff like projecting a camera view onto a texture and changing the scene rendering based on the animated texture.

Edit: Just realised I never really fully checked out the Example Content level for textures, so I may have already missed it.

Yes, though most of what was shown is already in the Content Examples in some form or another. We just need a little bit of time. For sake of simplicity and speed (to prevent an editor reload during the demo), we merged two projects together, being the actual demo and the Matinee fight sequence we showed at the end. Those will be separated and released individually. I don’t have set dates just yet, but soon.

I don’t think the capture actor shows up in the Content Examples project, but I could be mistaken. Actually, the Blueprint Office level has a security camera setup (a cooler one, really), so you’ll see it there in any case.

And definitely check out all the levels of that project. They’re super useful (we hope)!



Thanks for the reply :smiley:

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the Market place for the updates, I was pretty stoked reading about the advanced security system in the Blueprint Office, one of my favourite examples from the BP levels was the actor tracking with the security light, didn’t truly realise the power of BP until I seen that.

Also, is there any chance you’ll be making some videos walking through the current example content project or the Blueprint Office? Having the projects is great, but it’d be super cool to have you point out how the things are working and how they can be put to good use in an actual game environment. shameless beg for more videos

Keep up the great casts!

That’s definitely on the list of things to get done!

I don’t have much to add to this, other then keep up the great work Zak! I was able to convince one of my co-workers who uses unity to try out UE4 and they were able to get up to speed and familiar with UE4 really fast because of your videos. :smiley: /convertsuccessful

Nice! Glad we were able to help! :smiley: