GC [Line 137] Crashing because of Skeletal Mesh UE 5.0.3

Hello there,

Just as the title says, my packaged project crashes Giving the GC[Line137] Error, and something about ControlRigVM and hierarchy when I try to play a Level sequence which has a skeletal mesh(+WithAnimations) in it.
More Context: My Project is Blueprint based, It is more of a product showcase than a video game, In it I load levels which play level sequences, No player characters only camera pawn to look around the level. Opening the levels doesn’t cause crash(mostly) But trying to change levels will trigger the GC crash.
I did find some posts discussing such an issue, suggesting to bake the animation and use that instead, but It did not work for me.

I would like to know if there is anyway to either exclude these types of objects from the GC verification to stop the crash, or just fix the GC to not crash when such objects are present in the level sequence.

Would appreciate any useful help and tips!

Thank you very much in advance!