Gate opening and closing issue (BP inside)

Hi folks,

Got an issue with getting the below blueprints gate opening and closing. I want this BP to handle the right trigger input rather than my character controller whilst the timeline is running to allow for a ‘rapid fire’ power up.

Any help much appreciated! Hoping its something obvious



I’m not quite sure what your set up is trying to do, however, my best guess is that after you enable input and enter the gate you’re expecting it to wait and the gate is opened by pressing the right trigger you will continue on to the fire projectile, do a delay and after the delay the gate will fire again.

Simply put, it won’t work that way … once the gate is opened you’ll need to enter it manually (using a sequence off of the trigger pressed and doing open and then enter can work) and the delay will need to loop back to the enter for it to continue firing every .2 seconds.

Ok so what would be the best way to blueprint a rapid fire powerup? I have the controller using a real basic custom function> spawn actor from class at the pawns location and rotation. then the right trigger activating this function on my character controller.

I’ve manager to get the rapid fire working on the controller itself, but its crucial to my game to have it as a power up. a blueprint example would be lovely!



I wouldn’t go at a rapid fire like this and I wouldn’t suggest it either.

But if you want to get this working with the least modification, I’d say add a DoOnce node micro between the Gate and the FireProjectile call, and link the output of the delay to the Restart input of the DoOnce.

BTW you really shouldn’t enable the input once after each update of the timeline.

yeah I’ve been doing this for a grand total of 19 days, suffice to say I’m not great at it. Any suggestions of a better way to do it are always welcomed :slight_smile: