Gamescom Meet & Greet!

Hey everyone!
I really want to meet the UE4 team on Gamescom.
Last time I asked I was told you will be at Business area, but I (and many others I guess) don’t have a press card.
So I want to suggest that you come to the Entertainment Area, so that everyone can meet you!
That would be really nice!
You could also sell those great UE4 T-Shirts there :smiley: I want one of those!
I hope that I will see you there! You are the only reason for me to go there! :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading this,

I wont be going to Gamescom but i also want a T-Shirt !
Please re-stock Epic :smiley: :smiley:

:slight_smile: That would be really cool, because this year I will probably also be there