GameplayAbilitySystem Error on Startup from DataTable

Hello Unrealers!

I am currently working with GAS and I have an AttributeSet for my weapons, which grabs its attribute values from a DataTable. As the DataTables are set by the child weapons (as each of them has unique attributes), I do that in the PostInitProperties():

From HarrisonWeapon.cpp:

void AHarrisonWeapon::PostInitProperties()
	//Create Attribute Set
	if (AbilitySystem && AttrDataTable)
		WeaponAttributes = Cast<UAttributeSet_WeaponAttributes>(AbilitySystem->InitStats(UAttributeSet_WeaponAttributes::StaticClass(), AttrDataTable));

In the game it works fine and I am able to get my correct values from the table, everything is fine, but always on startup of the editor I receive following error message:

LogDataTable: Error: UDataTable::FindRow : 'UAttribute::BindToMetaDataTable' specified no row for DataTable '/Game/HarrisonProject/Core/Weapons/Attributes/DT_BasicWeapons.DT_BasicWeapons'.


This message pops up when the FindRow() function can’t find the specified row in the table. But this happens only on engine startup (not when hitting PIE) and confuses me.

Do you know why this happens and how I can avoid that?
Thanks in advance!

This error also hinders the game from packaging…

It does not happen when putting the function that kicks of the error message into the BeginPlay(). That does solve my issue, but doesn’t make me smarter.