Gameplay genre and development

Hi all,

Does anyone have any clue or experience on how to keep a game scary in other perspectives other than FPS?
The reason why I ask is because I believe FPS perspective is the easiest way to induce fear, due to being “inside” the character and limited FoV.

Long story: I have a game that I’m making where you play a vampire trying to stop to stop a zombie apocalypse from furthering destroying the world, and your food supply.
The player has powers of invisibility, super jump, can shoot fireballs, etc. Gameplay is a mix of Crysis, Bioshock and COD:AW.

I originally made it in FPS view, but it’s proving to be difficult to develop. I think AI is a headache, animation is a pain, level design is a nightmare for me.
I am a programmer and my skills in other areas are to be desired. I wanted the feel of the game to be horror-like, until the player realizes they are a badass vampire!! :smiley:

I think putting the game will function well in other genre perspectives, like top down, side scroller, TPS, but I don’t know if the horror aspect will carry over in those perspectives.

Thank you.

It will primarily come down to your visual effects and audio under these circumstances.

Hi KinDaKreator. I like the premise of you game concept. I’m in the same boat being a code-centric game dev. Perhaps consider using multiple perspectives and auto-transition between them based on mood triggers. 1P works well for inducing fear, 3P works well when showing off aesthetics and cool maneuvers, top-down works well for blasting hordes of enemies coming from all directions, side scrolling works well with fighter melee combat. Its 3D I say lets use all of it.