Gameplay Abilitiy System: Basic Blueprint Access for Gameplay Ability Blueprint

Hi guys,

I’ve created a small basic tutorial on how to grant blueprint access for the Gameplay Ability System with a little C++. Since I have not much C++ experience myself, it may not be completely clean. Nevertheless it works. I just did the tutorial because I was looking for something like this for a long time and didn’t really found anything.

Please note that this is ONLY the basic access to the (replicated) Gameplay Ability Blueprint and nothing else, no attributes, no gameplay tags, no gameplay effects or cues.

We just create a C++ character class and make the Ability System Component accessable and create a Blueprint Callable function that gives the character access to an Ability Blueprint.
The Gameplay Ability System includes many other components such as Attributes, GameplayTags, Gameplay Effects, Gameplay Cues.
These are not implemented here. But regarding the Ability Blueprint itself it works like a charme (if you want to just use it’s internal tasks for example).

Have fun.