Gamepad won't work :(

Hey, I am in dire need of help. I am designing a game for my final project for university. At the end of the year, this project will be graded as exhibited so I wanted it to be playable using a gamepad as though released for a console. However, my gamepad is not working for some reason?

I have checked the input in my project settings, and everything seems normal there, the defaults are there and according to another source I should technically be able to move around in the map using a gamepad even with just the defaults. The same is true for the character blueprint, all defaults are there including the small sequence for ‘Gamepad Input’.

So where am I going wrong? Is there a box I haven’t checked or something else I am missing here?

I have tried it with two different gamepads now, a ‘gioteck’ USB gamepad, and an Xbox360 wired gamepad. My PC picked both up, drivers are up to date, and they appear to work with other games currently installed on my system but won’t work with the editor.

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile: