Gamepad control Player 2?

I looked around in the answer hub and had no luck, anyone know how I can assign the gamepad to control the 2nd player? It’s a split screen.

Currently the gamepad controls player one. I can’t find anywhere on how to assign gamepad to player two.

Does it have anything to do with a player controller blueprint?

So I’ve tried this method and so far it doesn’t work, the gamepad and keyboard are both controlling the main character. 2nd player is still not moving. I will post more attempts as I make them.


anyone got a solution?

O.o I’m just gonna keep talking to myself,
Lol dear diary,
Ok so I tried to make create player 0 and create player -1 at the start but still, the keyboard and 1st gamepad only control the first player. Still can’t find a way to make the controller take charge of the 2nd character while the keyboard takes the first

yeah, I am having exactly the same problem. Please update me if you solved the problem.

Am also very interested to work this one out to. Have been trying to ad a 2nd player to my beat em up and eventually want to be able to get 4 running with customisable key bindings

I would also like to know how to do this. Far as I know, the controllers auto assign, however we are having to program our own solution for controller index, as the community believes that retrieving the controller index is unessential. If anyone finds a solution besides “add through the console” please let us know.

No blueprint solution to this yet, I wish they have this option in ue4.7 or more