Gamepad behaves weird, axes are inaccurate and seem to snap


I’ve got a problem with the axes of my XBOX 360 Gamepad for PC. I started with the Twin Stick Shooter Template to understand the basic gamepad controls. When I use the right stick to control the direction I’m shooting at, the rotation changes smoothly until I move the stick either at the very left, right, top or bottom position. Once it is at one of these positions, it’s stuck there in an area of around 10 degrees where no value change happens anymore. So it’s not a problem with the area around the straight axes but seems to have something to do with what happens once you have reached these areas. It’s like it’s snapping to these directions once you have moved the stick to it. If I move the stick farther out of this position, it starts to register the values again. Like a dead zone, but for rotation.

It’s impossible to play this way, because you can’t aim right. I thought it might be a problem with the gamepad, but when I use the XBOX calibration screen I can clearly see that it registers even the tiniest movement. Can anyone reproduce this or has any idea what’s causing it? It’s not the Twin Stick Shooter Template’s fault, you can create a blank project, add gamepad input to it and just print the values to screen to see if it happens or not.