Gamemodes to add or change

Way can’t I change the gamemode in-game or use 2 or more gamemodes in Unreal Engine?

I have 2 characters that I use sliders to change the values of morph targets on.
And if I load 1 of the characters, and not let unreal engine 4 use the gamemode to load the character, the the sliders won’t work.
And ther is no way as far as I now to make a sub level use the “Load stream level”.
We need to be able to use more than 1 gamemode per level

You’re doing something wrong. Game Mode is for setting general rules of the game.
It’s singleton, there cannot be two of them simultaneously in level or game.

I don’t know your game, buy I guess you wanna use your player’s Character or Player Controller to manage morph targets. You can switch controller for character in-game, we call it possessing. Or you can spawn different character for your controller.

Please browse these pages, it will clear some things for you :slight_smile: