GameDesign and Recruitment

Hey Guys Its Osiris

I just wanted to ask… to create a game Company and to recruit people,

what are the necessary steps i should take in starting a game company and what should my approach be if i were to hire people into my independent Game Company locally and online

Because i’m in need to create some projects which surely i can’t do alone, so that’s why i need to recruit a solid team whom i can work with

Thanks i would really appreciate your response

First, create an LLC if you live in the United States. There’s only 2 great options for recruiting for a game. Have enough money to pay people a decent wage or partner with friends that can work for free. If you cannot do either of those options, your best bet is to figure out some mutually beneficial relationship, but you are much more likely to deal with flaky or disappearing people, slow speed, and poor work. Generally offering someone a percentage of the potential profits is a bad idea