Game thread freezes on regular intervals

Upgraded from 4.19 to 4.20.2.
In process of moving so main desktop is in storage.
Using new Alienware 17 R5, GTX 1080 graphic card, i9-8950 @2.9GHZ chip.

Running dedicated server with some actors running around as registered nav invokers, dynamic nav mesh enabled so had to change code for 4.20 navigation changes.
The CPU usage is 20% or less and the graphic card utilization is 5% or less while running. Confirmed it is using the 1080.

I don’t know if it is the laptop or going to 4.20. In 4.19 on my desktop this was not an issue.

Anyway, trying to learn the profile tools to determine what is going on as this is the first time I have needed to. I don’t know enough to ask the right question. The profiler is quite overwhelming.

Can anyone point me in a direction to better understand the profiling tools?

This has been helpful… How to improve game thread CPU performance in Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine

… and found it.

I had a timer in my game mode class that was firing every second and in it was code saving the the mySQL database. The laptop installation showed the weakness. It was there as development code anyway but now things run very smoothly.

More accurately, creating the ODBC class that got a handle every one second. The SQL to do the update cost very little.