Game Start up question(s)

Just loaded the LandscapeMountains demo and was almost immediately hit with an idea. On startup is it possible to tell the game which player to start as? (Or to switch vehicles during gameplay)? The thought that comes to mind is to place a couple of land vehicles (rail buggy and snowmobile if I can find one (my modeling skills are somewhat rusty) to use for SAR (Search And Rescue) when the hang glider goes down. UI noticed some dummy tunnels I will need to complete and make drivable so there is more of a complete circuit of road.

To boil it down:

  1. Can you specify player number you want to start in (or change vehicles in game)
  2. Anyone aware of a snowmobile or snow-cat vehicle
  3. Any inputs the The Snickwerks are always welcome.

(And if you couldn’t tell, I am new.)

I would recommend that you start with the beginner tutorials and work your way up to your snow game…It is possible to do all the things you have mentioned, but you will need to learn Blueprints or C++ to get it done…You can spawn any model you want, anywhere you want…Start small and work through the Tutorials…here is a free snowmobile model I found…I believe it is a personal use license…be sure to read the license…hope this helps…

Thanks! There is a great deal to learn! I have been spending several hours a day in the tutorials (Usually watch it through, then the second time pause and do. After that I try to make it do what I want that’s just a touch different (just a touch – for now).

And ty for the model. For now I am working with similar types of files… (I either need to relearn CAD as well or pay for it…(the model)