Game packaging the entire content browser????????


I’ve only been using UE4 actively for 3 days…so this is probably a stupid question…
I made this very basic game, but when i package it for android…or even for html5…it packages all the assets from my content browser…even if they are not used in my level.

My game is now 400mb when i build it for html5…while i only use a few meshes and textures…when i remove everything manually from the content browser i can get my html build down to 70mb.

Im really not sure what im doing wrong here?
Does the game still work with upk files like in udk? and do i perhaps need to make a seperate one with only my used assets?

Thanks in advance!

oh wait…i just found out about the reference viewer…for some reason assets are referenced while not being used! Sorry, still getting used to the engine!