[GAME] Musical Range - A Rhythm shooting game for Virtual Reality


I’ve been meaning to crate a thread for my game for a while now, but I have been putting in hold for one reason or the other. I am working with another guy to make Musical Range. You stand in an abandoned warehouse, where the targets in the shooting range create a musical note. Thus, you shoot to the rhythm of the music.

The game came to be due to a Russian video. I saw the post on reddit almost a year ago and I just had to make a prototype right there and then.

I made a video of the prototype and showed it to a friend with whom I’ve done some work before. We both agreed that it was something worth pursuing and have been working on this project ever since.

After working on the visuals, the environment and other areas. We made a video to put it on the store on Steam.

It has been a while since that video reached the public. We have been quiet on the social media, but we have been working on features that we think will enhance the longevity of the game. We worked hard to make a system for the Steam Workshop, so players will be able to create tracks synced to a YoutTube video and upload the track to the workshop for other’s to play. We have leaderboards, and also been polishing the menus and the environment.




One issue we have encountered is with the music. We got permissions for the songs currently available in the game. We currently have songs from Epic Games IP, Valve’s IP, Move or Die, Parkitect. And from Artists we reached out to Therion, a symphonic Metal band.

We want to reach out to more artists and other indie games out there, who would be interested in being featured. We want the game to have as big of a music library on release as possible. So if you know someone or would like to offer a song of yours, please let us know. Getting songs in is super easy. All we need is an image, the wav file, and the shooting track or the music sheet to create the music track, which we can work out. I can offer a pair of steam keys so you can try out your song in game when I place it in.

We still plan to release this year. We hope to get some extra feedback on the game and some ideas on what users would be interested in seeing in the game. We also have some ideas for other game modes that are based around this system, but we aren’t ready to share these yet.

So, this is our game. Let us know what you think. You can contact us at musicalrangevr [AT] or a PM here too works.
Our website is
Steam Page is