Game mode issue

Hi all this might be Abit long winded so I’ll try keep it short. I am currently working on a mobile project I have created a level but it maybe to big to have multiple copies of it. See I have a easy normal hard and nightmare mode of the same map just with different enemies so instead of having 4 copies of the same map I thought in my level select widget blueprint I will get all buttons for all difficulties and point them to the same level just with a different outcome depending on which button I pressed. So far I have worked out on the level blueprint how too set my different enemies but I can not figure out on how to make say if I click easy it sends a message to the level blueprint to set the easy mode any advice would be appreciated.

You have Access to “Options” in GameMode. “Options” are URL Parameters when opening a Level, similar to HTML parameters (something like “?Difficulty=Easy” )

You can parse these Options and set variables in your GameMode according to the values.
In your Level Blueprint, simply check for the variables in your GameMode

(Make sure to execute all this on the Server, because GameMode doesn’t exist on clients)