Game Mode Advice


I am looking for a guide on how to craft a turn based RPG style game. I am still new to UE4 and only done the basic stuff that epic offers. So far I was able to make the twin stick shooter (was able to figure out how to add a helper AI to shoot as well) and the Moba game from the stream (even cleaned up the waypoint errors, mostly) but I seem to be having a hard time with making a couple key elements that I want to use.

I am trying to make a simple app game like Star Wars GOH or Juggernaut wars ( I know these are a little different combat wise). The standard star system for ranks, leveling up and gear upgrades. I don’t need a full guide for that just something that explains how to make my AI stay put when the fight starts and move when attacking, also how a player can trigger a ability without controlling the characters movement and such. I think I have some of the basic ideas but I tend to work faster when I can follow a guide and expand on it.

Still searching the forums here but if someone can link a youtube video or past forum post that would be great.

Thanks in advance.