Game Master MRPG _ Create Quest


I’m new to UE and mod in general so maybe what I want to do is impossible or my problem is trivial, in both case help will be greatly appreciated

In a multiplayer rpg game with an admin, I wanted to set a system that allow the admin to create quest.

So I’ve got a widget where he can edit the different variables of the quest (name, type, goals, awards…) with a next button.

This button open an other widget that is a prevew of the note to send (taking the variables and placing where it should be) with a Send Button.

Each player got an item to place on the map, a Mailbox, to receive the note as Item. On use the note open a widget that show the note as it where in the prevew one.

What I don’t know how to do it is when clicking on Send Button:

  • how to create the Notes as an Item that will keep in memory all the variables used to generate the last widget for the players ?

(In my mind I’ve got an array of Mailbox, and for each I create the note and put it in)