Game looks perfect on Nvidia and Xbox, Game looks Artifacted on AMD

Hey! We’re about to release our game, but nobody on the team had AMD GPUs and we haven’t been able to buy any because of the ongoing GPU shortage.

When we sent out our game to press, a few people reported issues on AMD cards. A friend of ours tested it and got the same thing.

Here’s an example of what we’re seeing on AMD cards ONLY:

Does anyone have any idea what we could possibly do to fix this ASAP?

Wow. There’s all sorts of stuff.
it’s also causing the FPS drops I would assume?

Did you try a development build so you can push some console commands and turn things off yet?
I’d start with that.
one by one, just change the usual graphic settings/modes to see if something helps.

There’s just so much to possibly cover that it’s impossible to just list things.

Start with the post process material.
Because of this:

End With
Is the game in dx12 mode?? Yes? Turn it off. No? Turn it on.

It appears the issue is related to our powerline asset; we’re trying to find out the exact reason, but we’ve deleted it and a friend testing it is seeing no issue.