Game like smash bros and need HELP with camera!!

Ok so as the title suggests, I’m building a game like smash bros but better but can’t seem to fix the camera right as it always gets offset but moves like intended. I’m wondering if its the spawn setup or something else as its basically finished but has that one minor problem. if any of you would like to use the same build the you are free to do so as this is to also help people who are looking to build something like me. If anyone is willing to look at it ill pm them and for anyone who wants a copy ill pm them as it wont let me upload the file and ill be on here a lot throughout the creation of my game. Thanks in Advance.

I have done this type of camera movement/zoom for a 1v1 fighting game already so it’s basically the same concept. Get array of the players and line trace out to them and put the camera on a spring arm that is attached to the middle point of the furthest 2 players and adjust it’s length based on that.

Feel free to shoot me over a version and I can have a look for you.

yea I kinda did all that from what it looks like as im not too experienced in blueprint but I copied the stuff from another person on here who made it for people to use. also it might be that I don’t have another character in game cause its made for 2 or more but I only have one person. its kinda just me and another guy but id appreciate your help. thanks again