Game launches on windows but won't on android

Hi. So at first it WAS working on android but it was skipping the menu level (I had default game map set correctly, I don’t know why it was happening, on windows everything was correct)
Then it suddenly after a few build it stopped to launch at all. Wtf? It sill launches on windows

help help help help help

help help help

spamming “help help help” is not going to get you any help…in order for anyone to help they need error logs, details of what you changed, any error windows that popup.
all i can get from your first post is you have a problem, i have no idea as to the nature of said problem as i have zero information about it from you

People are less eager to help you if they feel like they are doing more efforts to answer than you are to question.

That being said, we also lack a lot of information.

Have you everything setup for Android? (I could just leave it there, and it would be like your message: vague).

You need to install your version of Unreal to support Android build.
You have to setup the “Package” the Android project settings.
You have to check on the internet what are the requirements of Android when shipping with Unreal 4 (if I remember correctly there is something about XBox where you have to call all your boolean variables with a “b” at the beginning else it’ll not package / launch properly.

And I’m sure there are some other things that I’m missing, I’ve never done that I just read stuff on the internet.

If you want more details, quote me with my name (it will generate a notification for me).