Game intro using Matinee is laggy

I will add a link to Youtube to let you know which problem I have and explain everything:Beyond Recall - clean demo Intro to Game - YouTube
I have made a game intro for my game based on Kimmo Kaunela assets I bought time ago. I used a Matinee for the intro movement which stops outside the restaurant, over the road. Then I kill the matinee and a simple camera takes the lead. When you navigate using Main Menu and Submenus I make a Tinterp movement and rotations to that camera depending of where you go and uses Event Tick inside Level BP. In the video you can see how camera rotates over three different camera positions just to show those movements meanwhile the music on the background finish.

The thing is that theres somekind of lag and jumpy movements when Matinee rotates and moves.
After seeing that, I also noticed that problem after Matinee is killed so simple cameras movement with interp also lags sometimes and not always at the same point.

Why is lagging like hell as a drop of fps?
What could I do to fix it and make smooth movements and rotations?
Thank you!