Game Instance with Manager Concept?

My game is real time action RPGs.

I am still newbie… i need to ask whether my thought is correct or not.

When I had education about Game Programming, my lecturer (even though we have to call him as Team Leader) taught me about making a simple Side Scroll (Belt Scroll, to be precise) Game like Double Dragon (actually Dungeon Fighter Online).

That time, he taught us the concept for managers, to control various objects.

It was difficult concept at first, but when I have to make my own shot 2D Game for portfolio, I just used too many managers.

From my another failed project, I used around 5 Managers in Singleton (Unity). I am still sucker for managers.

One day I think I read from posts (cannot remember which), which tells Manager concept is rather obsolete…

I was being skeptical about myself with managers.

Few Minutes ago, I had conversation with my producer, my producer said “Wait sec, how many managers are there?” “Animation, Player, Enemy, Battle. 4” “Decrease them as few - Character”

Wow that sounds better… I suddenly I have another idea, I already using Game Instance for data which has be persistent, yet need be changed a lot from battles (and has to be controlled too).

I said to him “How about I only put List of character data in Game Instance, rather than making Manager? so discarding manager concept?”

My producer had no idea, even though he had programming education, but not as profound.

He said “Just be careful”

Hmm… My question is… Is Manager Concept necessary for my kind of real time Action RPG? and is using Custom Game Instance (I think it was Rama) enough to do that?

still no reply? hmm… since time is short, I will use manager concept.