Game Instance Isn't Working Properly After Packaging Game

Hey everyone. I’ll try to explain the issue I’m having to the very best of my ability, but I’m quite stuck at the moment and really frustrated. I’m trying to release a demo of my game, but run into the problem of my custom Game Instance seemingly not existing or flat out not functioning properly in the actual .exe packaged build of the game. It works perfectly in the editor. I can cast to the custom Game Instance and pull variables from it to be referenced by other blueprints. For example, I have Item Spawner blueprints that ask the Game Instance whether the item has already been picked up or not, booleans that trigger events from the Game Instance, etc. which work perfectly in the editor itself but not the build. It’s a hard issue to troubleshoot since it works fine in the editor, and it’s hard to tell at this point whether it’s a corrupt data issue, some weird quirky UE4 issue, or just something on my end (probably the latter). If someone could please advise on this, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks so much!