Game ideas

Im not sure if i can post this here. Anyway im about 2 months into learning c++ and as most beginners they want to create the next big title just like i did i set my goal to high my first game i tried to make was a zombie survival game like dying light and got frustrated because somethings were a bit hard and had to resort to using a lot of blueprint over code. Then i started working on a FPS like the call of duty series and once again got frustrated and it really made me bored and put me off it. Now im just thinking of a game idea and i cant think of any what can you guys suggest i want to make a 3d game not any 2d games im looking for game ideas that can really push a beginner and use c++ only, so nothing to complicated such as an inventory system as i can only do them in blueprint and something that will have really creative features and that will be fun to make and play with. I am a solo developer so i wont have anyone to make animations or models for me (I am terrible at making them) so everything will be done by me. Sorry if you dont understand what im asking i will try reword it if you cant understand it and thanks in advance for all ideas

Best option for U is to try and create enless runner game . U’ll get tutorials as well as help from the community too .
For models if U are terrible at is use Mixamo Fuse to create models . U wont need anything to learn to create models on it

I was looking at endless runner tutorials and the one on the ue4 website is for blueprint when you said i should make an endless runner do you mean watch the blueprint tutorial and translate it to c++? as i cant find any c++ tutorials for it. Also after i finish the endless runner i find my self to be the kind of developer that likes to be told what to do / add in a game with everything such as models and animations already done for me to add and program so do you think it would be a good idea to try finding a team of beginners such as myself? because i have done a 50hr online course before i started trying to make my own game and i feel like i strongly know the basics and other things its just ideas that stop me.

No I think U interpreted it wrong I meant to say do something like the endless runner not follow the endless runner tutorial but just for an idea I told so…