Game idea and if can be done with just blueprints!

Yes i wanna make an Action RPG like diablo 2 path of exiles and grim dawn to list the style i am wanting to make and wondering if i can do it all with blueprints or would i have to write code cause i have no coding exp!

That was 2 years ago… What have you done since?

There’s no way to answer this question 100% reliably without just diving in and trying Blueprints and seeing for yourself… Is it possible to make games just using BP? Yes… Its potentially a lot harder though if the game has Multiplayer and has Fast-Moving-Action versus slower strategy or turn based games etc. In some cases lack of coding skills can be made up by buying someone else’s coding skills or using Plugins etc. But you won’t really know until you get started…

Okay so here is my burning question…can you mix and match say like using code and blueprints at the same time? so if i buy someones coding can i use blueprints along side using coding?

In general, yes mixing BP and C++ and Plugins of which there are different types, is common…
But there are some caveats to that and I don’t know all the details - I try to avoid Plugins. Why?
If the developer disappears / loses interest, or an engine change breaks something you’re f’d… .
That’s why I advise to just get started. That way you’ll soon learn what works and what doesn’t.

I would also like to do a Diablo 2-like game but I know it’s not possible alone. You’d need a proper team for it.

You can totally make a Diablo-inspired game all by yourself. Just not with the same polish, scale, quality as an actual Diablo game.