Game fine in Editor, but won't package

My game won’t package, have opened the log file (linked here) am not schooled in troubleshooting. I much appreciate any assistance. If it helps, this game had numerous assets migrated from a 4.19 version, including a game mode and character pawn Blueprint. Also, I had some help from a coder editing these BPs in the 4.26.2 version to enable updated plugins, including Space Mouse, Leap Motion controller, and one for stereo output.

Many thanks in advnce.

Maybe it’s obvious, but it looks like the main problem is

C:\Users\Benjy’s : general error c1010070: Failed to load and parse the manifest. The system cannot find the file specified.

Is the file there? Does this ring any bells?

I saw this, but was thrown, the path “C:\Users\Benjy’s” being so incomplete, didn’t make sense that this was looking for a particular file. I searched this other line, “LINK : fatal error LNK1327: failure during running mt.exe” and read that this problem relates to user names containing a space, so now it’s making a bit more sense, my user is “Benjy’s Boxx”, could that space be the issue? How to rectify that? Can I simply rename my user without causing disruption elsewhere? Big thanks.

Which user is this? ( windows, mac, unreal somehow )

It could also be the apostrophe.

Windows 10. I’m obviously unattached to my user name, but can I change it to omit spaces and apostrophes without disruption to the system? Is anything else linking to this older user name? Thanks.

Wow, no idea I’m afraid. I think you can change your windows username pretty easily, and that would normally have very little impact on Epic stuff.

But, it looks like you’ve compiled the engine, no? In that case, it’s possible your username could be peppered all over the place.

Never built it from scratch myself.

What about making a new user, copy the project to that user, and have a go?..

Yeah, new user, began that hours ago and took all this while to cook, rebuilding all these shaders, but it worked. I’m yet not a savvy Windows user, knew to use underscore in file names, avoid spaces, just didn’t realize any of that when creating my user name. Thanks for your help! I’ve learned something, read the log file, look around, look that stuff up, so much information out there. Thanks, again.

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