[Game Environment] - Wildcard Dive Bar - 2nd Year Solo Games Project

Wildcard Dive Bar Environment -
Wildcard Dive Bar environment is a second year creative project that focuses on improving my environment art and lighting skills. I am hoping this project will be a playable demo for the first person player to walk round (50%) and cinematic trailer to go with it (50%). This project will be included in my individual entry for The Rookies.

  • Student (Individual Work) -
    Alex Bush - 3D Environment Artist

  • Main Goal -
    To create a Wildcard Dive Bar Environment that aims towards industry standard or make a portfolio piece that shows my environment art skills.

Wildcard Dive Bar Environment Art station link (Concept Art credited by Gadget - Bot Production) -

Wildcard Dive Bar Concept Art (Where I found the original concept art and credited the website) -

Here are my renders for my student work that took nine weeks to do. All the modelling, texturing, lighting, assets and rendering is all my own work. Everything you see in my renders is what the student has done for the last two weeks.

Hope you guys like my environment work I did and I will be uploading the game trailer or any more improvements in two weeks time. I wanted to show what I have done at university so far as a student.

Feel free to leave positive or constructive feedback down below. I got two weeks of polishing to do, just to bare in mind.

Kind regards, Alex