Game Developers, Beware of who you give free vouchers to......

Hello My fellow developers, hope you are doing good!

Wanted to give you a word of caution, when your game goes live and you get free vouchers or codes, be careful of who you give them to.
When my game went live on the PS4 I was so excited and started getting request from YouTube channels and websites asking for free vouchers.

I was so happy and handing them out like candy. The majority of the reviews have been really awesome but there are a couple that are down right nasty and mean spirited.
If I would have took just a little time to look at their YouTube channels their videos I would have see how negative these people were and would have certainly not given them a free voucher.

So my advice would be to check the persons site or YouTube channel before giving them a free game.

Best regards and I wish you the best with your game!