Game crashes on Standalone Game but not in PiE

The game runs without any bugs or crashed when i test on Play In Editor, but if i go to Standalone Game i’ll get a crash when trying to start a conversation with an NPC.
The conversation is basically a k-ary tree. I have the node class and the tree class, aswell as the dialogue component for npcs that can be interacted with.
The way i was initializing the tree / nodes are like that :

ConverseSpeech = CreateOptionalDefaultSubobject<UDialogue>(TEXT("ConverseSpeech"));

Same logic for the nodes. I have a node that points to the current node in the tree to know where i am.
I was getting the same crash on PiE when trying to add nodes to the tree, because the nodes and the tree weren’t being initialized.
For some reason, changing the text key, recompiling (and changing back to the previous key if i wanted) would fix the issue, but it seems to not be working when going to Standalone Game.

Paste with the last crash log (can’t just upload the log file here i guess).

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Make sure UDialogue class isn’t a subclass of or reference any UnrealEd classes.

I don’t really think it is a subclass or reference any UnrealEd class. The node, dialogue and the component were created with blank uobject, uobject, and actor component respectively. They only reference themselves (node is the “base”, dialogue includes the node and the component includes the dialogue). There is no include to UnrealEd anywhere in those classes, and if they are a subclass of UnrealEd(which i’m pretty sure are not, could have missed though as i didn’t double check) i won’t really know what to do.