Gambling Applications

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On the FAQ page, under the Releasing Products section, it implies that the Unreal Engine cannot be used for gambling applications. Is there a special license for this environment? If so, how do I go about getting it?

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Under the EULA (Section 1(B)(iii)), use in gambling is prohibited. If you want to explore a license to cover gambling uses, you’ll need to seek a custom license which you can do here.

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

Per the current license at gambling/casino applications are not explicitly prohibited. By this wording it is acceptable to distribute casino applications where allowed by local, state, or federal/government regulation.

For casino gaming machine manufacturers, this simply places the burden of regulatory compliance on them - as is currently the case anyway.

Is this inaccurate? Was the intent of 1[B][iii] to prohibit casino gaming applications? Previously it explicitly prohibited use in “gambling” applications.

thanks for this information.