FYI - Infinite Loops

Hi Guys,
I found an interesting case where the “infinite loop” detection doesn’t work like you think it would. If the loop is in your HUD code, you get an infinite number of messages telling you there is an infinite loop! Not exactly what I expected because I have no way to stop it other than re-booting the machine or killling the UE4 editor process.

BTW, I am using the 4.6.1 version of UE4

To expand on this the same happened to me in an actor BP.

In my special case I wanted to make sure a for loop with break would run through before continuing.

When I copied the for loop with break and created an additional exec input and put that into the branch it breaks.

If I remove the value increase from the sequence and pull my new exec line in there it runs just fine.

I won’t be on my computer the next few days but I will update this post before the epic holidays are over with what exactly breaks and what works (in pictures).

That was in 4.5


That’s interesting
In my case, the “infinite loop” was in an actor BP where I create a zone to heal my actor. The idea was to give 5 points of health to the character every 5 seconds. Well, the code worked great once I set the default addhealth variable from zero to 5 points! However, since the health value is displayed on the hud, I got the message in the HUD code in addition to the initial actor BP. However, in my case, the actor BP only gave me the message once as you would expect it to.