FX Star Starter Kit vA [Submitted]

The FX Star Starter Kit [Version]A:
Is a collection of 49 essential baseline assets for developing (Advanced) and beautiful 3-Dimensional Stars within the Unreal Engine 4. The unique coordinate system options and high resolution quality allows for distant or close up encounters within gameplay or cinematic events. I won’t go into too many details as the images and video will hopefully speak for themselves :slight_smile:

Feel Free To Ask Any Questions!

Vote Yes !: Trello

**Status: **Submitted Form

JBaldwin, congratulations, I believe I have been so impressed, I’m totally speechless

That’s awesome. Even the material graphs are beautiful :slight_smile:



Stunning work. Can’t wait to see more from you dude.

The best thing about content IMO is that people can learn from it, at least that’s my intention.

Looks pretty cool!

I want/need it NOW!

Wow ,it’s really beautiful , nice work , you will get my vote .

Love french music

Glad everyone is enjoying :slight_smile:
Now hopefully it will get accepted!

Looks incredible !! Definitely will be buying when it’s put up on the market!! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks to and Epic, pretty soon taking an interactive tour of the Solar System in full 3D will be a standard part of every high school astronomy class :slight_smile:


Awesome/incredible looking Sun you’ve created there Baldwin. /clap

Had planned on making a Sun for a personal project… not so much now. Will just buy yours now I guess? lol. So?.. you going to also make space, the Moon and Earth by any ? :wink:

is great! Beautiful work!

Hey everyone!

It’s up for voting on Trello! Please go to link and vote for it :slight_smile:
It is located under Blueprints (not sure why since it is FX related). Perhaps they will move it in the future though hehe.

P.S. - I might make the planets in the solar system (and their moons). But it depends. () is making an amazing earth. If you haven’t already seen it, I would drop a line in that thread :slight_smile:

Already voted for it. Hope you make it.

Thank you for the support Necro :slight_smile:
It is appreciated!

Voted , Submittion is fast now , it’s a good thing

Doh, forgot to go vote. Done now. Everyone else go vote. :slight_smile: Let’s hope it doesn’t take long to get approved. /eager

Absolutely awesome, should be the default sun replacer :)…