FWD Vehicle Handling

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to make a simple racing game with Unreal Engine, and I am stuck with a problem of weird behaviour of a front wheel drive car.

The issue is: when I drive faster than 60 km/h and I come near a high-speed turn I release the throttle and I start turning into the corner, but the car hardly moves in the steering direction, it continues to go nearly perfectly straight until it slows down to something around 20 km/h.

My first guess was that it has something to do with the steering curve or input - I made the curve into a straight line with a value of 1, I made the Steering Input Rate to be 12 (same as handbrake default, so I assume it means nearly instantaneous input). But the problem was still there, so I switched to playing around with tires, but no matter how I change the settings this problem doesn’t want to disappear :confused:

I also tried different settings of Limited Slip and Open Differential - and it had no effect on my issue.

I’m attaching my current tire settings just in case.