Future payment. Taking over dev of 80% finished game.

Hi, I recently contacted some devs of a game that I a few months back found very interesting, Though no updates from the developers got me wondering if the project was dying… It was.

They didn’t want to develop further on the game, so I decided to contact them.
They told me they wanted to sell the game in its current state to me for money though.
The current state looks very good, and I will tell you guys what game it is on request, but only from serious people as I am not the owner of the game YET.

I am looking for people who want to support this project, and work for free until we can get it into early access on steam.
I am determined to buy the project, if someone want to help me develop it. This game could potentially sell a decent amount of copies with the right advertisement.
Basically we need a full dev team of about 5 to 10 people, it doesn’t need to be a full commitment and full time work at all, but I would like to see someone who is being a little motivated and serious about the project.

As I said, ITS ALMOST ready for release, and we only need to tweak it a little to get the early release going.
I can say its a Medieval MMORPG game, with construction and other interesting things implemented too.

PM me for more details, but I promise, this is a fantastic project.