Fury X or 980 ti for UE editor ? (and VR Dev?)

hi guys
i’m looking into upgrading my graphic card … and i kind of an AMD guy and I like the idea of at least Fury supports Dx12 better
Wondering if the 980 ti is still best for UE Dev? I know Nvidia is like a friend with UE but my major concern is the 4GB VRAM on Fury X
Not sure if that would be a big hurdle to handle big scene (with 4K texture being the upcoming trend ?)

Using 980Ti’s in our machines has made life so much easier for us. The 6GB of VRAM is always useful as well. As for VR, the Vive Pre runs well on the projects we’ve optimised so far and don’t go below 90.

Now wait for new ATI chips. Even if you do not like ATI this will force nvidia to drop prices, or release something new (no just facelifted chip from few years back).

If if find that youtubch talk about new ati i will post.

And yes 980ti is the way to go if you must buy it now. 3 monitors in full hd and no drop of fps in unreal is nice.

I vote for a 908Ti as well. I was a loyal ATI/AMD fanboy for over a decade but recently made the switch to Nvidia and it just works so much better for this type of thing.

980Ti is generally faster. But–there should be new graphics cards coming pretty soon, for Nvidia supposedly the new GTX1080 is coming next month so you may consider waiting a bit.

thanks guys
I’ll watch out for a good 980ti deal. otherwise, i’ll wait for 1080

go with nvidia cards… having looked at the paragon fps I know for sure epic is in bed with nvidia…

If you are willed to drop that much cash, and can wait a month or two… Nvidia will present their new Geforce line soon (maybe at computex). Would be a shame to pay 700 Dollar for a device that will be replaced 2 months later. Iam pretty sure though, it will keep up for a couple of years to come.