Funny looking shadow for transparent object

can anyone help me to get rid of this annoyng shadow (imge attached)?
It’s just an object with a translucent material…

Thank you.u4shadow.jpg

Hi BechD

I have done a quick test and haven’t gotten these artefacts. Can you give me a hint on the material parameters you’ve used?


Thank you for the reply.
I attached an image with the material settings.

Any ideea how to attach bigger images?
Anyway the settings are:

  • translucent material
  • a texture
  • 0.5 specular
  • 1 roughness
  • 0.8 opacity

Can’t help you myself, but uploading a larger shot on imgur or tinypic and then just posting the link here is usually the way around forum size limits.
GL finding an answer!

There’s settings in your material where you can set it so that it renders shadows as if it were opaque.