Fundamentals and are they missing and why?

Firstly, are there any and where do people find solutions related to UE without pestering the forums like i do right now? xD

Youtube has been helpful somewhat but it’s a lot of brute forcing going on, lots of outdated things and overall seems like tuts just can’t hit the nail on the head for me.

Near camera fading feature.
Fading out the player in third person has become a fundamental feature in pretty much every third person game yet i can’t figure it out nor find any proper guides on that matter.
I just can’t find a proper tutorial or a function to fade out player when the camera gets too close.
All i found was “Set Owner No See” node which is almost what i need except for reasons only Cthulhu knows it is a simple show/hide thing and has no option to set some fading effects.

I don’t know if this very project specific so it can’t be part of a starter project or implementation within UE4 itself or what.
Also a feature where almost every half decent game has.
This one is a real pain in the ***. There are a lot of tutorials on that matter but all are either incomplete or just 90% there, never 100%.
What i mean, out of numerous tutorials i’ve followed, only one worked thus far but had one problem. Namely, the feet IK worked when not moving.
Moving would just make the character run animation without any foot IK. That is a literal “works 50/50”. xD

There are probably more i can’t remember right now but all in all…
Is all this on purpose as to promote and push third party assets, are really some of those features very hard to standardize to be part of base functionality within UE4 or am i just very unlucky?

Sorry if those are already discussed or are a bit touchy subject for some, tried to find it but to no avail.

I guess i’m tiny bit frustrated as i kinda want to quick prototype some basic concepts where i would like to jump into the more meaty things and start to work on my first character model but i can’t sort even the most basics it seems. :frowning:
Why is the third person starter map so limited after like 5 years? Non of the starter project’s that i assume or assumed supposed to be a push in the learning process have changed slightest. Yet i did see that half of the assets that used to be free are now 40+ bucks, so at least something advanced, right? Anyone else notice that or is it just me?

In any case, would appreciate some beginner pointers.
Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

I think maybe what you consider ‘fundamentals’ are just very common features of games. That doesn’t mean they are needed or necessary.

The engine is developed to be a flexible as possible, not as typical as possible. I get the feeling that if the developers were to go down your preferred route, we might as well have a ‘make fortnite’ checkbox on the export module.

The engine is supposed to encourage difference and ingenuity, not conformity…

I have to agree with ClockworkOcean.

Firstly you should ask yourself whether you actually have a reason to implement camera fade.

Personally I also find Unreal to be incredibly annoying at times, cuz things I think should be simple turn out to be completely uintuitive.
Especially now, when Im trying to make physics based grapple hook that doesn’t just put the player character on rails and pulls them towards a point. I was jumped from trying to use physics constraints, then after that didn’t work immediately, I looked for similar things on YT and found a “Rope Swing tutorial”. I ended up using only a bit of vector math from it and after some testing I found a bug that causes the character to always slowly move away from the hook point. So I decided to try just putting an invisible wall behind the character to create an illusion of being constrained by the rope. After some fiddling I decided to go back to physics constraints because I though it would end up being easier in the long run ( some unexpected issues with collision might occur, who knows ). So I spend the yesterday evening try to figure out WHY PHYSICS CONSTRAINT DON’T WORK WITH CAPSULECOMPONENT ( INHERITED ). I googled it, watched some YT videos, after not finding anything definitive I resorted to the good 'ol scientific method and just tested it on my own. After a couple hours I came to a conclusion that the inherited capsule just ignores physics, cuz after adding a new capsule component and parenting everything to it, the thing works perfectly fine.

tl;dr Just Keep calm, google stuff, and if u don’t find anything, try to do it on your own or ask someone for help, and if you ever feel like Unreal is just unusable, it’s still better than trying to add new features to blender :slight_smile: ( the worst experience I’ve had with software dev ever, even tho I eventually broke through and will probably spend next year with it )

Skeptical about Googhoul having a real role to play here to be honest.
There just aren’t easy answers in game dev… Its hard grind all the way.

Community-Tools + better rated Marketplace packs offer huge insights.
Forget about feeling entitled to support from Epic, they DGAF anymore.

What you’re referring to are absolutely not engine fundamentals. You could name ten thousand things that exist in a lot of games but are not engine fundamentals. Probably more.

Does the engine let you fade out a mesh based on how close the camera is to it? Yep. Does it spoon feed literally everything you could possibly think of from other games? Nope. That’s a game engine for you.

More examples: Fog of War which exists in a ton of RTS/MOBA games. Health bars. Ammo counters in UI. Login systems. Launchers with auto updating. The list goes on and on. UE4 provides everything you need to develop them, but it’s extremely unreasonable to expect an engine to simply come out of the box with all of it. Why? Because for my project that does not utilize any of those things (mesh fading by camera distance for example), I don’t want the unnecessary bloat. I don’t want MY project slowed down by bloat/overhead because you want everything pre-built for you. That’s the long and short of it.

Welcome to programming in general. Frameworks provide great toolsets to make life easier, but don’t come shipped with presets allowing you to “check a few boxes” and have a fully built product ready for release.

The CameraDepthFade material function does this exactly if you plug it into the opacity slot of your material. Personally I learned this by looking at the materials in Epic’s particle effects demo.

I see… I’m sorry.
Just to make myself clear, i am very very bad at naming things and i apologize for it and all bad named posts i may make in advance. xD

Looking at it now looks like a very bad post title if there ever was one and can only draw attention from specific kind of people (no disrespect tho!).
Don’t get me wrong, but this post looks like it could mostly draw attention from those who are looking at it differently then i do and are ready to defend their opinions.
Which is fine of course but just isn’t what i intended.
Again sorry!

Please disregard any and all remarks in the original post and view it as locked as far as i’m concerned.

As this can probably just lead to:
A. A very lengthy debate about me defending my opinions like the very fact that ‘very common features in games’ is what sets the ‘fundamentals’ in the first place. Almost every third person has or in my opinion should have and indeed has foot IK in the very least, it is Crysis that i first notice they even used hand to wall IK and is since also a very common feature in FPS games, although not as common as foot IK in TPS games.
B. A flamewar of opinions essentially.

I doubt anything constructive can come out of this so i apologize for it. I guess i should not write stuff when frustrated. haha
Turns out this post is as useless as it can get as i should’t make broad questions/statements and maybe next time be more specific to specific issues that could bring more benefits to me and maybe someone else that maybe had, has or could have same issues or questions. xD

PS It is always like that, i first make enemies before i make friends. T.T