Function still activates when condition is false? (BP)

isn´t it the opposite?

I mean, your logic said that if the Variable Money is less than 100 it activates, == activates, but if it is more, it shows the message… should be the opposite

If less than 100 show the message, and if more than 100 activate, right??

Edit: Fixed link.

The blueprint below allows a player to build an upgrade to a building when their looking at it and pressing E, I added a condition at the end that checks if they have the right amount of money (100 or more) and only then will it call the activate function, otherwise it prints a string to tell the player they don’t have enough money.

however the game doesn’t seem to take the condition into account as when tested the activate function could be called even when having the incorrect amount of money.

what have I done wrong? is the condition in the wrong place in the blueprint or have I got the variables the wrong way round? a screenshot of what it should look like would be most helpful.

thank you!

You have your exec connections the wrong way around.

< should lead to ‘not enough money’

== and > should lead to ‘activate’

Ahh woops sorry it was something else but yes your answer is correct, I’d put the check on the wrong blueprint :slight_smile: