Function set position from level bp

How do you start a skeletal mesh animation position from a specific point from the level bp, I’m having difficulty getting it to work?

Function “set position” has no effect and animation montages can’t be fired using my level bp set up?!

What am I doing wrong?

Using the level blueprint for one…didnt i help you out before and stress to not use the level blueprint…or was that someone else? Most of the stuff ive seen you post about recently is involving trying to use the level blueprint, yeah you shouldnt be doing the majority of the things ive seen you post about in a level blueprint…just saying

Ok but having used your kind advice it works fine, but it’s just one instance of this animation that needs to play a few frames in, any ideas?

In stead of using the level blueprint, make a blueprint for this skeletal mesh that you want to manipulate and have it do what you need more directly, to itself. If it’s something that needs to populate to various things, this will also help with that. If it needed expanded functionality, it’s super easy and convenient since it is then self contained.