Fulltime salary position - Entertainment Automation - Developer


TAIT is the World Market Leader in designing, constructing and delivering the finest live event equipment in the world. Whether it’s creating awe-inspiring spectaculars, complex touring stages, theatre engineering solutions, brand activations, or cruise ship installations, TAIT delivers world-class solutions for live experiences. With its proprietary entertainment automation platform, custom-made products, and creative engineering, TAIT’s cutting-edge offerings continue to advance industry standards and exceed client expectations. As a global network of over 600 employees in 12 office locations, TAIT has worked on projects in over 30 countries, all 7 continents, and even outer space.


The Unreal Engine Developer is responsible for leveraging and integrating the Unreal Game Engine into our flagship entertainment automation platform, TAIT Navigator. As the company’s subject matter expert in game engines, the Unreal Engine Developer will develop plugins and objects that allow for the exchange of a variety of bi-directional data with Unreal, including animation keyframes, telemetry information, state of objects, and other specific attributes. This is a full stack position and the Unreal Engine Developer will be responsible for contributing to items such as the user interface design, the plugin code, the network protocols, and the corresponding real-time data service in TAIT Navigator. Close collaboration with our Creative Services and engineering teams will also be needed in order to help create a library of stock TAIT assets in Unreal.


Position Requirements
•At least 3-years development experience with the Unreal Game Engine environment
•Demonstrated success in the creation and implementation of plugins for Unreal
•Experience with both Blueprint-based and C++ based Unreal Development
•Understanding of animation, key frames, and key frame interpolation
•Ability to work as part of a larger software development team
•Understanding of modern networking protocols and APIs

Preferred Requirements
•Experience with real-time operating systems
•Strong math skills including the understanding of linear algebra and 3D computation
•Experience with 3D animation and rigging
•Experience with agile software development processes using tools like Perforce and Atlassian
•Experience in live entertainment productions

Ideal Traits
•Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently
•Proven and demonstrated experience in successfully managing projects and deadlines
•Both technical and creative communication skills
•Ability to work with others to achieve goals
•Ability to work in a dynamic environment and culture

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