[FULL TIME] Lead IDE Engineer for 3D Printed Automotive

This is a full-time role to work out of our office in the San Francisco Bay Area**

Divergent 3D has developed a 3D printing solution on the cutting edge of planet-saving manufacturing. Our solution can produce complex structures that are lighter but stronger than those made with traditional approaches, dramatically reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. Using this technology, we have built the world’s first 3D printed supercar, The Blade ( We’ve also partnered with PSA Groupe (2nd largest auto manufacturer in Europe  to build the world’s first production 3D printed car.

Job Description:
We are using UE4 to build an IDE (yes, like IntelliJ) for automotive vehicle development. Today automotive engineering involves 10,000+ engineering hours over 3+ years. With the advent of our 3D printed platform we see an opportunity to disrupt this – to cut that in half and then in half again. We believe that modern Agile approaches, modern game engines, VR, and a modern take on cross-departmental collaboration can make a big difference. We will rely on existing solutions from aerospace and multi-physics modeling to do much of the physics while we glue it together in an IDE with just the right amount of novel machine learning.

Talent Required:
You have been a team lead on a game and are an expert in UE4. You love to code (70%+) but also enjoy the architectural challenges of building something new. You have a CS degree, know the usual languages (C++, Java, Python, C#) and have extensive 3D expertise (bonus for CUDA expertise). You abhor micromanagement and want the freedom to get things done but know when to ask for help.


Please contact [EMAIL=“”] with your resume and details on why you would be a fit for this project.