[Full Project] Rama's UMG Rebindable Key System, Rebind keys at Runtime!

Reminder about this free Key Rebinding project that I did for you all!

Why Am I Giving This For Free?

Because its really important feature for any game and I just finished figuring out how to do it for Solus.

I figured you would enjoy it as well, since it was honestly not that easy to do, and I had to really think about how to do both the UMG and the actual C++ code to dynamically update action mappings during runtime



**Download (UE4 Engine Version 4.5)**

Here's the full project for you!

**Wiki Link to Download Page**

How To Use My Menu

Go in game and press the K key!

Click on the black and red buttons to rebind the jump button!

Add new actions any time using Project Settings->Input



Hey Rama,

Any plans on updating this plugin to 4.6.1? :smiley:

Edit: Nevermind, just found this!

Thank you!

Diat Funa: I have the same problem with my character continuing to move when I open my inventory if he is already moving. What is the fix for that? Thanks!

Does anyone know if this can be done inside UMG or, alternatively, if I do it in C++, how do I make it work with UMG?

This is really awesome, thanks Rama!

broken for 4.6?

Another great resource by Rama!

Hello guys,

I have a newbie question.
On 4.6.1 Engine version, I’m trying to handle the blueprint function on UMG called OnKeyDown to retrieve and promote variable “Key Event” and the use rama’s functions.
However I can’t find the way to trigger the function. There is something wrong by my side?

Thanks in advance!

Resolved, I called “Set Input Mode UIOnly” :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get the updated input axis version?

I have been having trouble getting this to work for my game and have thus had to put keybinding on the backburner for now. Anytime I try to get a key press it immediately assumes the space bar and nothing else. Really strange.

I have this working on Unreal Engine 4.7. It took a few minor fixes so I made a quick video to help anyone else looking for answers. Oh and thanks again Rama. Please add a donate button!

Oh and by the way, I’m wondering about a default set. Any ideas on how to set some default values (to restore to)?

Thanks Tom! (my record for most-timely-response I think)



**Thank You Emrico!**

Thanks for making the video! I've reposted it with forum formatting!

**Your desktop background and toolbar background are so much fun!**

Video on Upgrading My Project to 4.7, by Emrico


People who want to send me donations can PM me :)

I've also set up a Donations page my fitness website here:

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Thanks again Rama!
The desktop background was created by my seven year old niece while I was teaching her photoshop. I love it (even despite the comic sans).
The Anime girl was a joke between my Nephew (he suggested boobs in the thumbnail to get noticed), I kind of regret that one haha.

Well to be honest the hot girl was my favorite part, along with the Rainbow Toolbar!



Rama, is there a way with this system to support binding multiple keys to the same action? e.g. both LMB and the F key fire a gun? I know the opposite is doable (e.g. F key does both fire and reload) and I know UE4 supports multiple action bindings, but it appears the Victory Key struct only takes a single key struct in per named InputAction?

This is a great idea! When I get around to updating this project properly, I can check out your request!

Anyone remind me I said this in about 2 weeks :slight_smile:


very usefull rama, thank you for sharing it!