Full precision UVs bulk edit

We need to edit a lot of meshes for our project to use full precision UVs (because we stream in 64k textures with Granite). It seems that this is currently not possible with Asset Action → Property Matrix.

Is there another way to do it?

Please can we get bulk edit for this feature? Thank you.

I’m currently in need of a workaround as well, but for Generate lightmap UVs (The option below Use full precision UVs). We currently have thousands of meshes and it is unrealistic for our team to open them one by one and tick this setting.

Would be nice if Property Matrix supported this feature.

(I’m using UE 4.15.3)

Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to hire a Mexican. Epic isn’t taking this one seriously.

Actually they put it up as feature request UE-29875, but they wont implement it for safety reason. Because of the fact that bulk changes like this can freezes the editor for ages I guess it totally makes sense to have it not enabled. However you can just enable it in source yourself, by changing the declaration of UStaticMesh::SourceModels

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category=LOD)
TArray<FStaticMeshSourceModel> SourceModels;