Full Camera Rotation with RMB only Issue

Hello all,

What i want to have must be simple, but i can’t just get it work:

  1. See Mouse Cursor
  2. Full Camera look with RMB only

Setting “Show Mouse Cursor” in Player Controller is easy.

Connecting the Mouse X/Y events to the Gate/Add (Pitch,Yaw) inputs too. (RMB opens/closes that Gate)

With “Show Mouse Cursor” → True, you can’t rotate the Camera around your Character in 360°.

“Set Show Mouse Cursor” → True/False don’t work (It affects only cursor visibility)

What works (sort of) is using “Set Input Mode Game And UI” with its “Hide Cursor During Capture” boolean.

But it’s not without issues:

  1. When connected to the Begin Play, all looks nice, exept the cursor disappears upon all Mouse Clicks (not just RMB (obviously) )
  2. When connected to the RMB, the Camera Rotation breaks completely.
  3. When connected to the LMB, i experience cursor flickering
  4. No matter if connected to the RMB or LMB it breaks one of mine functions that uses these two buttons. (It uses “Is Input Key Down” (LMB and RMB) pressed together at the same time)

Any ideas, how to make it work?